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The Suo Ni that wears scarf is professional 21 吋 monitor
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Professional monitor of Suo Ni is the product that the player longs for day and night all the time, at present home has increscent tendency to the demand of this kind of professional monitor.

——GDM-C520K of monitor of CRT of this 21 吋 is the accurate requirement that Suo Ni is design expert, cameraman, engineers only, the work efficiency that can improve them measures a body with quality to order do. Its market is stable, accurate, recoverable colour effect at a suit, favorable colour result, on the vision pure smooth show, shade cover technology assured bar shape to show without lack fidelity image. Be in additionally without seam special technology was used on colour and outline. The communication of software and sensor and monitor undertakes directly, so the time interval on color setting is almost 0.
Interesting head overspreads exterior design, not only was full of life breath, and stem the outside light influence to showing the result effectively

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