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Yameida: Network " big eye " AM772DF +
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As LCD price glide ceaselessly, CRT monitor also arrived " dead end runs quickly madly " when. Each manufacturer is ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, do one's best with new idea occupational market. Small the elegant beauty that makes up the closest try out amounts to AM772DF is a product that is full of new idea.

Since flying benefit riverside after showing popular feeling of bright technology development, brightness became a lot of users to measure a of monitor main index. Although a lot of moment are not to need too tall brightness, but it is good that each manufacturers still cast its place, all sorts of tall brightness monitor also are ceaseless roll out, this monitor has the brightness of 450 lumen, completely OK well " dazzle " .

Monitor and face plate close-up

What AM772DF uses is picture tube of Long of diamond of Diamondtron M2 of 3 water chestnut, long provides gorgeous color, excellent text version shows, the incisively and vividly that reflects naturally also on this monitor. The frame that elegant beauty amounts to this monitor and front face plate are very wide, appear whole monitor is special sedate and easy, bring about the allergy that likes cabinet personage possibly also so nevertheless. Before 4 OSD were offerred to control key-press on face plate, a mains switch and size of picture of a switch and colour temperature Gao Liang are video enhance mode key-press, small nevertheless make up steal think the effect of this key-press is not big, because this monitor is of the average user of low end in facing, a few need does we should like to ask have to average user is frequent adjustment colour temperature? The feel that does not cross key-press or perfectly, let in use process small make up more satisfactory.

"Big eye " photograph like head and card of backside interface He Ming

Because this monitor is in,saying this monitor has new idea is above one is added to photograph in casing like the head, can 360 degrees of freedom rotate (this lets small the big eye that writes the robot in remembering cartoon program, ^_^ ) , will photograph compositive like the head must say be rich originality to lift in monitor. This monitor is integrated of element of 100 thousand elephant photograph like the head, a lot of people can ask market main trend is photographed now it is element of 300 thousand elephant like the head, why need not of element of 300 thousand elephant, occupying manufacturer introduction basically is for the application with current and actual suit, the limitation that because of 300 thousand elephant the product of element transmits as a result of the network may transmit the effect is not very good. This bit is reasonable really, small make up seat Beijing for, ADSL also has the bandwidth of pitiful 512K only, additional of the element of 100 thousand elephant on this monitor absorb the need that can satisfy average user video completely like the head to chat, and have simple focus function, the result is right still. When using, pack with monitor given data clue is added to rise lead plane and monitor join inside the box, simple installation drive can be used. Yameida still is added randomly sent rich video kind tool, convenient photograph the use like the head. Be like: The software Video Monitor 2.0 of video monitoring, the photograph that make this Photo EZ.
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