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Monitor HM204DT A evaluates Iiyama 22 very little major
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To be engaged in CAD cartography, publish presswork for the user that waits for professional job, search appropriate, monitor of high quality professional class CRT is a when satisfy its work requirement necessary link. But, from the point of current market condition, the monitor of this kind of professional class is on IT market still is very scarce, will tell to professional user, caused certain difficulty. Iiyama (meal hill) saw this one key is in just about, rolled out the product of price of a series of professional level quality, rationalize. After all whether does this product suit the application of user of our major class? Small the evaluation that HM204DT A of monitor of a when make up pair of Iiyama 22 inches of CRT had a system, the hope can bring particular help action for your choose and buy.

Before the particular case that announces a test to everybody, introduce Iiyama simply to everybody first (meal hill) reach this HM204DT A.

Iiyama (meal hill) it is the brand of a monitor that comes from Japan, high reputation is enjoyed in Japan. Iiyama has two each to have a brand, one is the Iiyama that faces professional user completely, another is the Eeyama that faces masses user. This Iiyama HM204DT A is for professional user design truly, those who use is the canal of diamond Long U3 of 3 water chestnut. And passed TCO'03 attestation.

The producing area of this Iiyama HM204DT A is China, be by meal hill (Shanghai) trade limited company offers. However, what its function index uses is European mark standard (it did not offer Chinese bill of fare, looking is not originally face Chinese user) , have higher referenced value. From inside the picture, we can see it contains clear day type color apparently. Pure milky white is tonal, fluent curve, more exciting ground is it used design of short canal thin body, make airframe no longer huge and clinking.

What Iiyama HM204DT A uses is to exceed Hei Jingbing, small make up cautiously to watch screen from each angle, discovering its is Hei Liang truly inviting, the fine that is rare is tasted. It is had all-around surrounded metallic screen cover, utmost ground prevents an user to be harmed by radiant. Iiyama HM204DT A is returned inside buy high quality multimedia sound box.

In performance side, iiyama HM204DT A has the tall bandwidth of 390MHz, of 0.24 exceed fine point to be apart from, brush below the resolution of 1600*1200 rate can go up easily 100Hz, and can go up below 2048*1536 of the biggest resolution 85Hz, can general monitor can not do this!

Be in colour temperature adjustment respect, iiyama HM204DT A is more outstanding, from 4500 to 10000 every 100 move for a Duan Ke, the colour temperature adjustment that what also say it has 55 class function!
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