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Products of 21 monitor of Cun Dabing CRT are seen without exception
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Since receive editorial stalk of grain about, the author writes monitor guide buy a literary works already not little, in this a series of among the article, the author introduced monitor of much money CRT and LCD video early or late, it is very clear also to believe to have careful reader the actor inferior position with CRT and LCD respective monitor. Accordingly, between the article, the author no longer Ao Shu.

Be in in the LCD deny kind of degree above still cannot satisfy professional graph design an user to perhaps be gone after quite tall enjoyed recreation user when, many people still are stationed in the look the CRT monitor that stays in big screen above. The author is among the article in the past, once did those who cross monitor of 19 inches of CRT to guide for everybody buy. If, if everybody thinks monitor of 19 inches of CRT still cannot satisfy his requirement quite, so, the screen with bigger most propbably can increase the appeal to you. Monitor of 21 inches of CRT is at present on market is OK the sign that see is not very much, saying to not be clear about is had not gained ground, still won't gain ground.

Perhaps, the price element that follows it is concerned. But, will tell from technical angle, the making craft of 21 inches CRT monitor and technical content want greatly prep above 17 inches even 19 inches monitor, together with its outstanding performance and broad screen, the promotion of brings price understood more easily also. Guide in the video of big screen CRT that for everybody classification has 21 inches before buying, the author or according to the convention, first to everybody brief introducing there is video of 21 inches of what CRT after all on market at present.

Of course, everybody knows, see not hard in the market a few from the monitor of 21 inches of CRT that is not normal channel to enter, and the price is average far under the product that enters the market from normal channel. Although this kind of phenomenon is come up against not hard, but the author should introduce next did not include these “ to be not proper ” commodity, because the author thinks, since want to buy 21 inches big screen video, so, proved the purchaser requirement to monitor is very tall at least, and the after service that did not perfect from the product great majority that is not normal channel to enter the market or technical support, the problem also exists on quality even, accordingly, the author is here also with respect to oversight these products. Although, without can deny, certain have higher sexual price to compare really it seems that from the product that is not normal channel to enter the market.

It is the monitor of main 21 inches of CRT on market and author below to these monitor brief comment:

EIZO FlexScan T966/9500 yuan

Basic parameter

  • Picture tube brand: SONY

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