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Flying benefit riverside 22 inches of CRT, the see advisability that look
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Flying benefit riverside is one of international brands that enter China the earliest, up-to-date very much user still is opposite monitor of flying benefit riverside has a special liking. And the field of big screen monitor that uses in the industry, flying benefit riverside also very tall famous degree.

The author gives everybody introduction the monitor of 22 inches of CRT of riverside of a flying benefit today. What this monitor uses is the diamond Long picture tube of former plant of 22 inches of 3 water chestnut, with SONY special Li Long is congeneric ritzy other picture tube, and diamond Long image tube is more accurate on focusing and color rendition, suit the application of CAD domain more.

Regard a professional class as monitor, the adjustment of 202 P4 of flying benefit riverside the function is richer also, have 4 horn to adjust independently, automatic and corrective wait for professional function. The area that 202 P4 of riverside of flying benefit of specific target side has 360MHz paragraph, line frequency achieved 130Khz, highest resolution is 2058*1436, also can offer the refresh rate that can amount to 104Hz below 1600*1200 resolution!

Since be the monitor of professional class, besides common D-SUB interface, 202 P4 of flying benefit riverside still has BNC interface, provide more stable, accurate indication result.

202 P4 of flying benefit riverside passed TCO`99 attestation, and have metallic antimagnetic cover, the bad influence of terrestrial magnetism of OK and effective screen to showing the result. The P series of flying benefit riverside is located in professional domain surely all the time, 202 P4 of riverside of this flying benefit is his a of top end. At present this monitor has relatively substantially reduce, fall from 6800 yuan of original with one action 5800 yuan, fall panel height amounts to 1000 yuan. Although at present the user is when selection indication installation more apt low power comsumption, without radiant LCD, the perfect indication result that monitor of CRT of Dan Dabing act brings is incomparable still.

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