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Reflect individual character to live: Buy SamSung to have malic outward appearan
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Face " SARS " popular special period, to this many businessmen rolled out the act that deliver goods comes timelily, assure in order to promote the health with supply the biggest customer. Nevertheless now people already unlike 5.1 before talk in that way " allusion " color changed. Increasing person begins to be compared with a kind SARS is waited for in light of gentle state of mind, after had done more perfect precautionary measures, the life of people returns to normal stage by stage. The computer market situation that from these two days of people gas restores ceaselessly sees one spot. Because this businessmen also rolled out many material benefit in 5.1 the following markets, we just had reported SamSung was rolled out yesterday " healthy deliver goods " service. Understand again today, at present every buys the friend of 783MB of SamSung new fund and 785MB in computer city, can obtain the contemporary U that gives 32M and 64M respectively dish.

These two products mix SamSung on outer view its are original and traditional CRT is completely different, connect the exterior with perfectly round body to have the taste of machine of a few apples quite. SamSung all uses MagicBright II picture tube of these two CRT, highest brightness achieves 500cd/m2, the dot is apart from all be 0.20mm. 110MHz of its 783MB bandwidth, optimal resolution 1024 × 768 @85Hz, price is 1690 yuan; 785MB bandwidth 185MHz, optimal resolution 1280 × 1024 @75Hz, price 1990 yuan.

To seeing be bored with traditional CRT edges and corners is trenchant and depressing the user of the exterior, might as well the SamSung monitor that considers exterior of apple of these two copy. Although these two products on price are in numerous CRT syncopation is tall, but of this product rolling out is to satisfy different user to ask to individual character life, choose what kind of product nature to want to see everybody's be fond of. And still have very practical contemporary U at present dish give, this reduced the price with respect to what covert one, 200 yuan.

At the same time we learn to buy the user of SamSung 151N LCD at present, also can obtain now give value 168 yuan SamSung photoelectricity mouse. To the businessman, sales promotion is to be his to promote a person spirit, and to consumer, those who bring is more material benefit of course. Do not know the vivid kinetic energy with current SamSung to deny the interest that arouses everybody?

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