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NESO changes blood greatly: "Auroral Long " series is brand-new go up
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At present Suo Ni already stop production 21 inches the following special Li Long kinescope, be in before long later, we want to buy 17 inches of Long to provide video, probably only Long of diamond of 3 water chestnut can choose. All the time with special the NESO brand that Li Long chooses to sell, also be in recently do a name to be " leave Long is in charge of " special activity of sales promotion of edition of collect carefully of Li Long monitor, look special of Li Long disappear already was nearly before.

Leaving special after Li Long, the product of NESO what course to follow? We discover in the market today, current and brand-new NESO " auroral Long " series has placed bar, in completely successive aurora special the premise of fashionable exterior issues Li Long, new " auroral Long " series also compares auroral spy Li Long to have an advantage more in price respect.

Already appeared on the market at present " auroral Long " series shares 3, they are TD770V/HD770II/HD797II respectively, because just appear on the market, its specific performance data is ambiguous still. According to small make up oneself to observe, among them HD770II and HD797II have damp line, if not be special Li Long's word, they use kinescope of Long of diamond of 3 water chestnut only possibly. Both the bandwidth that has 110MHz and 203MHz respectively, the price is 1399 yuan mix 1699 yuan respectively. This value is more particular than be being used before the HD770A of Li Long kinescope and HD797P all petty gain is controlled 300 yuan.

Still have one in addition the fund is new the TD770V that appear on the market, before its exterior is mixed both and same, but the design that uses black and white ash in color respect, bandwidth is 110MHz. According to small make up observation it does not have damp line, it is product of a canal that be not Long, it is cheap that nevertheless its 1199 yuan price also comparatives really, it is medium low end a of Cun Chunping 17 right choices.

Anew of the product appear on the market circumstance, we reach NESO is leaving not hard special the new trend after Li Long. Diamond Long and special these two kinds of Long are in charge of Li Long with respect to function character, actually cent does not give relative superiority or inferiority, and new these a few products that appear on the market are in face of sexual price example also perfectly. In addition, at present of NESO " leave Long is in charge of " activity still afoot, "Collect carefully edition " Li Long monitor still can buy auroral spy, but be afraid goods in stock also won't too much, the friend that have fun at can clutch opportunity.
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