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7 21 evaluate with monitor of 22 吋 CRT
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Should understand at present the 21 market situations with 22 吋 monitor actually not difficult. Cheap with intermediate the world that can saying in the market is 21 吋 product: These use FST (planar and orthogonal kinescope) kinescope of type of type shade cover (Shadow Mask Tube) monitor character each are not identical, had had have bad; Use Sony a few more additionally (Suo Ni) pure Pingteli Long (FD Trinitron) the pure smooth monitor of kinescope, the price is expensive go up a lot of; Still have besides use Mitsubishi (3 water chestnut) diamond Long (DiamondTron) the part of kinescope is high-grade 22 吋 monitor. What want an attention here is, what the can inspect limits actually and does not compare 21 吋 certainly monitor of 22 吋 monitor comes is big. Although the real measure of monitor of Long of this kind of diamond is 22 吋 right, and this also lets norms look very marvellous, it is better to pledge to yield a picture nevertheless, image will be outspread outside the brim to monitor. Although 22 吋 are big on dimension,so contradictory place depends on, compare with 21 吋 monitor nevertheless rise, your meeting discovery shows the picture that come actually, can have a bit by ream!

If you need to speak of the detailed explanation of halfway technology noun about above, consult please "Evaluation: Monitor of CRT of 12 19 吋" in one article, the introductive part introduction to video technology.

In the test, we will do detailed analysis to the following item:

  • The norms data with manufacturer indicative place
  • Interface of function and input
  • Monitor is optimal setting
  • Use Ntest test shows character (keen spend, bright brightness, contrast, astringent is spent, uniformity of Ma Erwen phenomenon, colour and literal readability)
  • Use colour chart checks colour to demonstrate ability
  • The oldest refresh rate that can set (measure to decimally)
  • OSD function
  • The expression in game

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