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In former days vigour of beautiful case of number one stage a comeback restores
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Before paragraph after Yu Cuiwei of vice president of division of time former beauty joins in the message of ministry of facilities of TCL notebook computer gets confirming, ministry of career of beautiful case China causes the wide attention inside course of study again, in former days in video industry the beautiful case of hero bully the world, what new trend is there nowadays?

Regard monitor of the high end in people impression as the delegate of the brand, a lot of people are right only of the coronal into advocate and beautiful case participates in price war increasingly some indissoluble. In fact, the capital between the enterprise is run is very common thing originally, and only the coronal regards the world as one of business of production of 3 big video, actual strength nots allow to underestimate, its powerful scale of production mixes have the aid of capital actual strength, be afraid the market that can maintain beautiful standard better and brand. As to beautiful case current product goes tall sex price to compare a course, be denounced to participate in price war even, the beauty that loses high-end brand praise, be afraid also is those who stem from the market to manage need is have to and do it.

Liquid crystal of 15 inches of wide screen, beautiful case PS576W

Review video market of these a few years, resemble SamSung on one hand, the manufacturer such as flying benefit riverside already built extensive manufacturing base in China in succession, the fall of labor cost and concentration measure yield scope effect, make they are able to lower the price in order to contend for the market; On the other hand brands of many domestic home appliance also in succession to video industry outspread, and the price is low it is their largest competition dominant position, this with respect to distinguish implement the price war of the industry is final inevitable. To Chinese consumer, the influence buys the biggest factor or price, if beautiful case does not depreciate, hold to too high to be popular, will naturally lose more market. In current video market, more and more evidence make clear, beautiful case begins to take tall sex more and more sturdily high school of valence comparing, give attention to two or morethings is small mutiple level product line, hold to “ very quality, very diversity, the principle of implicit value ” .

The development of aught is free and easy rises and fall, have what also have a setback smoothly, any enterprises can have encountered difficulty and trough period, a few strategies of beautiful case are adjusted perhaps let outsider some look not to understand, the backtrack of brand shop of individual beauty squares formed by crossed lines also allows ZhongGuanCun electron market consumer has such and such guessing. But we should see, beautiful case is popular the whole world ten years, sure the extremely strong competition dominant position that has it is in, the technology that keeps actively advanced and ceaseless product innovation are its largest dominant position: The gold eye that from the single bond with convenient operation flying shuttle adjusts to intelligence, from sexual price ” of taller than tall “ bright Shuang Xiong arrives home's banner wide screen liquid crystal, beautiful case all without exception shows its character to stabilize and the ability of trend of can banner industry.
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