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The fairy tale of commercial times? Monitor of 74SB of 3 water chestnut falls
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In close period of time, although numerous monitor produces the attention of business, already all turned to LCD body. But current CRT monitor, return and did not arrive truly result the condition that removes into the body. To most user, 17 吋 CRT still is main consideration. We get an information this morning, in CRT monitor domain all the time the monitor of 3 water chestnut with pretty good public praise also adjusted the price. Comparing those who be worth everybody to notice is, the product that depreciates this is not the high-end product that is aimed at professional user, however the Diamond Plus 74SB that its face average user. Although extent is only 100 yuan, fell from 1799 yuan 1699 yuan. But with this price for, right subject " image of の of second for generations " for the product of 3 water chestnut of series, the space that has considered somewhat.

This product is on the exterior with be exactly the same of Diamond Pro 750SB of its high end, the design by the side of complete right angle makes its look temperament not common. Performance side, diamond Plus 74SB uses diamond Long M2-500 to be in charge of, bandwidth is 146MHz, line frequency 70KHz, field frequency 120Hz. The biggest resolution is 1280x1024, the refresh rate of 88Hz can be achieved below 1024x768 resolution. And passed TCO99 attestation, at the same time it also has SuperBright colour engine, have two paragraphs of type of 750SB of and rather than of a paragraph of type adjustment only nevertheless. In addition, this CRT still supports SRGB colour emersion, have AR to prevent glance electrostatic exceed coating of black accept second.

With monitor of CRT of 3 water chestnut for consistent fine quality, although current price still is compared tall, but this monitor still deserves a consideration quite. Interesting is, the conduct propaganda that to its this CRT depreciates is 3 water chestnut " the fairy tale of commercial times " . It is the quality that has the romance like fairy tale, be still 3 water chestnut made trade on the sale inside " fairy tale " ? Also guessed only to this, the friend that has fun at to this monitor mights as well pay close attention to.

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