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Ant pan: F500 of monitor of SONY top class CRT shows
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Speak of CRT to show like the technology, head push SONY spy beautiful basket sheet gun 3 bundles. And the flagship product that speaking of all SONY monitor to use the F500 that 0.22 exceed picture tube of tiny speck FD Trinitron(r) is SONY be worthy of undoubtedly.

The monitor of F series basically is aimed at the type that the senior major such as CAD/CAM/CAE is designed and rolls out, 21 inches F500 is the top class product in F series, should noticing 0.22 bar are apart from can not be common the horizontal dot of shade cover kinescope is apart from, if you get on resolution 1600*1200 above, with respect to the extraordinary that can appreciate it, will look still grasping from the exterior SONY the simple way of monitor of major of one palace former plant, its unique exterior design also is become high-grade and exalted indicative.

Key-press design do one's best is simple and practical, can not look down upon these a few simple key-press, its function can contain a lid almost all major are adjusted.

Interface respect BNC D-SUB. Proposal user uses BNC interface.

Quadruplet USB-HUB is offerred in monitor base, more to using USB device user is very practical.

Model F500R, regarding SONY as attestation of top class TCO99 of professional CRT monitor is inevitable.

Producing date was January 2000, calculate calculate about the same now 3 years. Actually an outstanding monitor uses time should not little at 10 years, besides believes F500 the use environment of monitor of this kind of level should be to compare unit of cultured scientific research or graphical atelier, OK below this kind of environment fall the monitor ageing of fixed time to lower rate.

Small finally make up remind everybody even, but because manufacturing technology is too sophisticated n is relatively so inferior. To coterie, or it is the masters that have experience, f500 has a problem is not what news already. What top class F500 does not envisage like us is so good, its fault rate is opposite taller, expressional symptom is: After switching on the mobile phone for some time, the strike a light inside picture tube, or abrupt whole focusing becomes ambiguous. Proposal choose and buy when careful test. Not bad this is managed secondhand the company reputation of monitor is first-rate, can give you certain safeguard from certain level.
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