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Is actor clique suspected of con? Issue of share of video bandwidth water needs
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Editor's note: Editorial a friend expresses to the editor recently, an actor that he buys sends G72f video, nominal 125MHz bandwidth, 72kHz line frequency, but install anyhow cannot go up taller refresh frequency, can mix only common and nominal the monitor of 110MHz bandwidth comparatives, it is namely below 768 resolution of 1024 × the refresh frequency that achieves 85Hz. He asks an editor, this is how to return a responsibility...

The source of doohickey of choose and buy of CRT of ● go against the river

Monitor is PC " big " , cannot cursory

Buy CRT video while, bandwidth of video of our meeting bring into contact with this performance data, be apart from besides the kinescope type of monitor, dimension, dot etc beyond function, video bandwidth normally, discern as us a of monitor class important measure a factor.

● market current situation, run in the opposite direction

general situation, video bandwidth cost is higher, namely its function heals advantageous, conversely, criterion bad. But, we discover however, the video firm that differs in the market nowadays, in the label its product video takes wide parameter when, the computational method that uses severally is very different, be worth with respect to this originally, also be indifferent to the regulation of proclaimed in writing on legal benefit, accordingly the video bandwidth nowadays is worth already can no more as always, become the survryor's rod that judges monitor quality, and this consults the way is easy also by the JS exploit an advantage of have ulterior motives.

● whats is meant by the video bandwidth of monitor

Inspect frequency bandwidth, it is the parameter that we must know

Alleged video bandwidth, the frequency video that those who point to is circuit of monitor video magnifier takes width, the bandwidth of a circuit is report actually this circuit response to inputting signal speed. Theoretic bandwidth is wider, inertial smaller, answer speed faster, the signal frequency that allows to pass is taller, signal is lack fidelity smaller, the video refresh rate that can achieve finally is higher also.

● video bandwidth and refresh rate do not have inevitable connection

The user pays close attention to video bandwidth, basically be to hope to be able to get higher refresh rate. 17 inches of monitor that compare bandwidth of video of consistent stage 203MHz can offer the refresh rate of the 100Hz below 1024x768 resolution commonly, and the can offer 85Hz only refresh rate of 110MHz video bandwidth. So how be calculated through video bandwidth refresh rate?
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