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Beautiful case 796FDX5 wantonly sales promotion: Fall 200 yuan hind again
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Because 5.1 holiday are mixed " SARS " influence, the Beijing that just restores in each large computer market, apparent person enrages inadequacy. Not only client amount is insufficient and ferial the 1/10 in, also reached even the businessman to be not worth 6 into. Because used better precautionary measures,do not pass, had appeared in Silicon Valley now 33, two of two buy a team. Beautiful case is taking the advantage of the market to just restore to do business, in rolled out activity of a sales promotion for a short while. Beautiful case this activity not only depreciate and return give sb a present, the user that begins every to buy 796FDX5 from this day not only can get 200 yuan privilege, and the 52X CD driver that before still can winning part of division giving the beauty, rolls out.

Beautiful case is mixed on the function of monitor of this 796FDX5 CRT 796FDII almost just the same, different is former allege have fivefold brightness. From beautiful case look on the function of this monitor, the bandwidth of 203MHz, the optimal resolution of 1024 × 768 @85Hz, the bar of 0.24mm is apart from, gao Liang is spent, on one when can calculate etc through TCO99 attestation pretty good CRT monitor.

The original price of this 796FDX5 is 1999 yuan, CD driver convert into money hind, its current sales promotion price is controlled in 1500 yuan probably. Will return compared with 1399 yuan 796FDII expensive 100 yuan or so, the profit that tall nevertheless brightness brings in 3D game also is not to need of doubt. The be fond of that how choose or should treat him everybody. And the market just restores, believe as the businessman reach the designated position in succession, there are more activities that have appeal to appear in the meeting in video industry. Everybody mights as well wait for the market after complete normalization distribute, compare buy all right again.

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