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Monitor of color of CRT of 21 big screen is transverse judge to measure
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According to statistic, crop of our country monitor already resided the whole world 1998 the 3rd, the development in can saying video industry is industry of our country computer gets one of industries with the most successful, the rapiddest progress, come through a few years the intense competition of the market, company of domestic video production already decreased from many 100 a few years ago nowadays 60 or so, a few small business because of the respect such as capital, technology, quality be washed out consequently formerly, this is a when dimensions turns production inevitable trend, also explain industry of our country video already entered a more mature period at the same time. Concerned expert forecasts domestic video to produce industry measure to still will decrease further, productivity rises further, concentration. The material benefit that this one result brings to the user is the price cheaper, function and quality are better.

-- -- the progress that reviews CRT color monitor one year, the place with technical relatively prominent development nothing more than the following: The development achievement that is picture tube strikings, be apart from in the dot smaller and smaller while, use planar right angle or the picture tube that cylinder designs to get applied extensively, besides the Trinitron of Sony company, the picture tube of " of " future window of company of the Diamondtron of company of 3 water chestnut, LG gradually hold up opens mysterious veil, make the product that precede on the technology and provides distinguishing feature each; 2 be OSD function is great and rich, had increased from traditional brightness, contrast trichromatic degree of saturation of assemble, colour, Ma Erwen is eliminated etc more meticulous and considerate adjust corrective function, was to answer really " eights saints go across the sea, each shows special prowess " ; 3 be USB interface gain ground gradually, though introduce the product of USB interface not much, but the one big trend that already made technical progress really; Finally is environmental protection and healthy problem more and more get attention, major product begins to consult TCO92, TCO95 concerns all sorts of standards of health and environmental protection on the design, a few products passed the TCO99 with very slashing requirement even.

-- -- from application the respect looks, 38cm(15 inch) monitor replaced 36cm(14 successfully inch) monitor and the majority that holds market share. Rise increasingly as what the user asks and monitor cost is reduced further, 43cm(17 inch) monitor begins to gain ground, and the day that replaces 15 inches of monitor to become market " to get bellwether " already can be expected soon. 48cm(19 inch) the market of video of color of big screen CRT that reachs above size has begun to start, development is very rapid also (read for convenient reader, size of the following monitor is same with inch express) .

-- -- analyse according to the connoisseur, beyond the monitor that divides special purpose, 19 inches will part with 21 inches of monitor is the largest measure that family expenses and business use need. In the technology development matures increasingly today, what can expect likewise is, the competitive central issue of video firm also is the consumptive desire that arouses people with larger size no longer, character, price and the key that serve quality to will become profit to grow are in.
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