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CRT is by no means doomsday advent, contemporary taste agitate summer vacation t
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Although everybody cannot deny LCD to supersede the climate of CRT today, but the price of 1000 yuan of above differs their both or let a lot of impoverished friends feel bear hard, fall in this kind of circumstance namely, CRT is today as before the Wang Zhe on video market, the user that pays attention to product sex price to compare or meeting inspect CRT first selection, and the LCD hopes to obtain surmount in the round, look still need a holiday with time.

The modelling of monitor takes part “Mac” breath slightly

because of such, while each big video firm is popularizing LCD energetically, spend to the heavy visual range of CRT business also did not reduce. Contemporary, SamSung and LG advanced one phase released number money to taste CRT monitor newly, and what we see now is to come from two contemporary to taste CRT newly: ImageFlat I775 and ImageFlat Q775D. What bring everybody above all is among them ImageFlat I775.
We ever advanced and first-order Duan Ping has measured ——ImageQuest I15 of contemporary monitor of a LCD (I15 of the following abbreviation) , it depends on the simple sense that get rid of shows and fruity appearance, brought a grumous Mac breath to us. And this ImageFlat I775 (I775 of the following abbreviation) , what design a respect to have different in approach but equally satisfactory in result with I15 again in modelling is clever.

Edge part part used large-scale round glide to cross

Can see, before I775 board complete continue to use the design of I15, did curve to change processing in all edge part part, we also take the design element that is less than any straight line almost. In addition, the design of ” of big corner of this kind of “ also does not see more on monitor product.

The conception of monitor frame is very clever also, the match colors with tie-in and different frame of double deck of inside and outside, more outstanding the stereo feeling of screen. Outer frame with ivory give priority to, appear clean, natural; And lining criterion complementary with grayish attune, the surface Fu had fine grain feeling, make with casing forms certain contrast outside, increased trifling and sedate temperament for the product.

The tagging of style of OSD key-press anaglyph, may identify hard when the light is bad

Cloth of platoon of each OSD key-press was in those who issue frame in the middle of, the key-press of 4 circles looks cabinet and chic. In using a process nevertheless, we think the feel of key-press still is not very outstanding, the key Cheng of key-press is very short, and slant hard, the appreciably when because this is pressed,be being moved is a little arduous.
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