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NESO: Make Long of tall bright clear polar lights -- HD770
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Nowadays, the LCD monitor product of low emerges in endlessly, this brought an acid test to traditional CRT video market. Although LCD monitor is having exterior style, mobile and convenient, wait for an advantage without radiation. But monitor still show the effect takes main place after all, still take absolutely advantage in monitor of this respect CRT, will tell to general and average user and game player, still choose CRT video more appropriate. Numerous manufacturer the market for defend CRT monitor, sell upsurge to meet summer vacation time at the same time, roll out the new product that contains new technology distinguishing feature in succession, the new product that we receive today shines high what roll out newly by NESO namely auroral Long -- HD770 Ⅱ .

Mention NESO most propbably everybody won't feel unfamiliar, although enter video market to compare evening, but the affirmation that depending on the product of ability of powerful research and development, high quality and first-class after service to win an user very quickly. Before paragraph time its TD770V falls suddenly from 1229 yuan 999 yuan, appear for a time the circumstance of goods. And this new the HD770 Ⅱ that roll out uses 3 water chestnut the diamond Long of newest development form of 2 Dai Yin bar are pure flat picture tube, have the tall brightness of 450 lumen, contrast amounts to 850: 1, overall passed TCO ' 99 attestation, believe expression should not common.

The specific norms of the product is as follows:

The specific norms of the product is as follows:: Beautiful the appearance of beautiful vogue]

Vogue is beautiful beautiful HD770II

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