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The glamour of continuance SM, syncMaster793DF comes on stage
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At the beginning of 2003, icebound long already LCD market anabiosises suddenly, the price of LCD is in glide unexpectedly right now, blot out the sky and cover up the earth depreciate incessant Yu Er, also quickened LCD all-pervading pace from this. But nowadays already time passes and the situation has changed, LCD is in experienced a few times after rising in price, of people buy enthusiasm to also be affected from this. Accordingly, one part consumer preference manage money wait-and-see, and another part consumer is flat surrendered the look the CRT monitor with technology and more stable market.

The SyncMaster 793DF that SamSung rolled out recently

SamSung regards the monitor of old brand as the manufacturer, go up in the promotion of CRT monitor as much do one's best. This year in April, samSung is in " surmount envisage (Beyond The Image -- It Is Magic) " 2004 taste a news briefing newly to go up, with one action released 26 monitor to be tasted newly, eliminate is little not LCD is tasted newly outside, CRT monitor is SamSung as much the key of this news briefing, share 8 CRT to be tasted newly come on stage. From this we see not hard also, old and cover firm CRT is maintaining tenacious vitality as before, be in at least 2004, it also will still be the dominant force of video market. And this second evaluation, what we bring you is among them SyncMaster 793DF, 793DF of the following abbreviation.


SyncMaster 793DF


17 inches (can inspect 16 inches)

The dot is apart from


Line frequency

30 ~ 70 KHz

Field frequency

50 ~ 160 KHz

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