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SamSung SyncMaster785MB, hand in OSD adjustment
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CRT monitor development has the taste of bit of at the end of one's resources it seems that up to now, of LCD contend for rise abruptly to also let for a time the glorious of pure smooth CRT of act like an overlord no longer, be in nevertheless the phase that transfers to LCD monitor, pure smooth CRT still is depending on a lot of natural advantages to continue to holding the market share that comparative, and the function that a lot of video firms also update through development comes to those who searching respective product to sell a site, continue thereby the lifecycle of pure smooth CRT. Recently, the 17 吋 that evaluation room received to come from SamSung are pure smooth monitor -- SyncMaster 785MB, its used acting area of switch of MagicBright brightness mode, Highlight ZoneII to add the MouScreen with bright technology and distinctive SamSung the multinomial technology such as software adjustment. OK, let us see this together " bright clique " pure smooth monitor.

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The red graceful series that SyncMaster 785MB introduced him SamSung is pure flat picture tube, video bandwidth is 185MHz, screen appearance Chinese book enclothed accept rice coating, offset divides dazzle, raised contrast to have very good effect, can inspect an area 16 吋 , the biggest resolution 1600 × 1200@68Hz. The sample that although editorial office is taken,arrives remains inchoate TCO ' 99 attestation, but 785MB is overall the near future had passed newest TCO ' attestation of 03 environmental protection. The product is particular norms parameter is as follows:

We are brief the multinomial technology that introduces SamSung to apply in SyncMaster 785MB place:

MagicBright: MagicBright can be offerred than having video the brightness of double is mixed definition, indication brilliance and definition suit to examine a document more, get online or multimedia animation, satisfy all sorts of requirements of the user adequately. The user needs to press the MagicBright of monitor front controls pushbutton only, can choose 4 easily beforehand the brightness mode of the company.

Highlight Zone II: Highlight ZoneII has the definition that can enhance specific domain, the function that makes video and picture brighter thereby, when seeing film of TV, appreciation, picture, the Highlight Zone function in use OSD can make the user enjoys clearer picture, after should installing software of mount Highlight ZoneII criterion more control easily.

MouScreen: MouScreen is the software that through USB communication sets monitor condition, all settings need to be able to have the choice of the project and specific setting with the mouse only.
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