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Ant pan: Secondhand Micron G of big screen monitor
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Those who say everybody may think of a Micron above all is memory technology, actually originally the PC business of Micron is involved very extensive, include the fittings such as board card to have, nevertheless now basically is be put inside and army taste business to go up. Because very major product offers the army only, so Micron is almost army tasted pronoun.

The video that introduces today, the contracted style with consistent Micron is acted on on exterior, without redundant flowery. Good thing exits civil market almost nevertheless.

Because Micron also does governmental business, small make up a feeling this monitor more seem governmental articles for use.

Circuit part, have a few dirt, but cleaner to still calculating for a video that has used 3 years, photograph messenger uses an environment should not very poor. The layout a person with a discerning eye of circuit board looks to know be SONY acting labour.

The number of deflexion coil and producing area.

Monitor inner casing produces date be identical with what rear nameplate marks, manufacturing date is in May 2000. Model GMD-5402 is the number of SONY apparently, show this is a 21 inches pure smooth monitor.

The reverse side uses the interface design of double D-SUB.

Although introduce today monitor is secondhand goods, can be exterior protection is first-rate, if wipe appearance slightly again,mix almost different of new money it's nothing. Although say those who arrange a credit to the character of Micron is small, but this is after all secondhand because monitor did not switch on the mobile phone test how dare concrete result say so, if you have fun at detailed test must have before buy.

This monitor quote is 2800 yuan.

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