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22 吋 CRT sees SamSung greatly dead you! Frighten you expensively dead
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Price of 17 吋 LCD is as high as 6999 yuan, this thinking that that is the monitor with Chongqing most high price, did not think of I discovered in the market a price is as high as 7900 yuan monitor again today, and still be CRT pure smooth monitor.

The price of monitor of SamSung SyncMaster 1200NF of 22 吋 is as high as 7900 yuan

SyncMaster 1200NF monitor belongs to major in the product alignment of SamSung big screen is pure smooth, nature of its product standards is not low. Its can inspect an area to be 20 吋 , the dot is apart from 0.24mm; Bandwidth was to achieve 340MHz more, 2048×1536@75Hz of the biggest resolution.

Passed TCO 99 argumentation

Monitor back has 4 USB interface

Offerred BNC port can provide the indication picture with better effect for professional user

The ” of “ fascia dish that metallic screen cover is SamSung CRT monitor

SyncMaster 1200NF monitor is the product a few years ago actually, the businessman places it now be afraid more it is to show figure and actual strength, and also average person can not accept the price that is as high as 7900 yuan.

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