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Ant pan: GMD of monitor of SGI graph workstation
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Speaking of SGI can be famous then, the professional video that its graph workstation uses is the first selection of a lot of high end users more, but the professional monitor of SGI is to follow workstation for the most part overall of put on sale, a few retail sheet is tasted also with the price costly and celebrated. Actually a lot of moment we can need not be bought on the flower 10 thousand yuan taste newly, of 1000 yuan of a few class secondhand SGI high-quality goods comparatives likewise outstanding.

Small make up it is today after Silicon Valley, the monitor of SGI 21 Cun Chunping that sees a few the percentage of gold or silver in a coin are quite new, the SGI of exterior collocation white of black marks, what can I still say besides COOL.

Key-press designs the classical position that uses SONY, actually this monitor is SONY one palace grows production formerly, the model of corresponding SONY should be G520, go up in the production of SGI monitor allegedly nevertheless, the G520 quality that the kinescope that SONY uses often compares him brand is even some higher. (hearsay just, SONY interior produces information to be revealed rarely)

To professional monitor, the design of power source part is used commonly broadband suit. The model of monitor is GMD-5411, apparently the label that GMD is SONY monitor. Passed TCO95 to call a person some only indissoluble.

The manufacturing date of this monitor was Feburary 2001, still have two years only to now, minor to should be for the life of monitor.

The reverse side still is imprinting Han Wen's label is very comprehensive also.

Interface respect did not use BNC, however double D-SUB. Undoubted applicability is more extensive.

The place on put together narrates a SGI GMD-5411 of an introduction is monitor of a very outstanding CRT, small making up is patriotic but this loves me than expressing, although this is secondhand monitor, what in can using a process simply, it shows the indication result that come, the SONY that can say to exceed on majority market a few to be tasted newly provides video. Main show is on the control of text and high pressure, it is very outstanding absolutely. If you ask to compare Gao Ke to look in order to go to the character of monitor, believe you won't be disappointed.

The price: About 2800 yuan or so.

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