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Triangle of big screen iron! Guide completely buy PDP, LCD and number
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Since after TV came out 1939, it receives the first medium of information as people, in the life that blended in us deeply. In the television in development process of a few years, experienced evolve into chromatic picture from black and white picture, arrive from globose screen pure smooth show wait for many technologies to fly across. Nevertheless, traditional CRT television cannot have satisfied modern to watch the need of large size, expensive clear TV program more and more, and the plasma of main force —— of product of new generation TV (PDP) , liquid crystal (LCD) and back cast TV, satisfied this kind of need completely. Mature ceaselessly as ceaseless progress of the technology, product, they are lifting a wave that replaces traditional CRT TV.

First selection of bedroom of liquid crystal TV

Such household, envy making a person

Liquid crystal TV with report of definition of frivolous figure, superhigh, bad news the characteristic such as long, low radiation acquired little, life the self-identity of a lot of consumer. Because have afore-mentioned characteristics, suit to place in and other places of the horizontal with narrow space, study, leave out the valuable space that when big screen product is put, occupies.

Backing aspect of signal of TV of high-definition clear number, liquid crystal TV can say is first-rate number TV watchs equipment, its see the high-definition picture that resembles spending an advantage to be able to support 1080P form well high, the advantage of high definition complete play comes out. In bulk and weight respect, liquid crystal TV relatively the advantage of plasma TV even a few more apparent, its more frivolous bodily form is convenient and pensile use on wall.

Which kinds of big screen can you choose?

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