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Be careful deadly hidden trouble your CRT monitor " without lead
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Flying benefit riverside is in after rolling out many high quality LCD continuously, its rolled out the near future again a 17 inches CRT is pure smooth monitor - - 107T6. Look from model, this monitor is 107T5 upgrade replacement product. And the exterior is done not have it seems that how old improvement.

Without plumbic monitor

In light of the data that gets from us nevertheless, the change of 107T6 is so simple without what see. Allegedly this is the first product that carries the attestation that do not have lead. In daily life, lead can say is a kind of necessary product, arrive from paper the soldering tin in electronic component, application that notes model to wait lead a moment to serve as additive is very general. The understanding of the grow in quantity that uses as the lead on industry nevertheless and people to health, the seriousness that lead affects to human health as a kind of heavy metal also is reflected subsequently come out. Stem from the consideration that lives for a long time, the research that Europe waits a developed country a moment to begin to pay attention to the material that do not have lead and use.

Probably the pollution that home pays attention to lead without how many person at present, await plumbic pollution to come out now in body truly nevertheless, so gotten result is only useful also shocking will describe. For this, right now flying benefit riverside waits a manufacturer a moment to put forward to pass monitor of the attestation that do not have lead, no matter whether everybody likes its product, but the healthy idea that its bring should be taken seriously however.

The particular function index of 107T5 of flying benefit riverside is as follows:

Screen dimension: 17 inches
The level nods be apart from: 0.21mm
Horizontal scanning frequency: 30 ~ 71kHz
Perpendicular scanning frequency: 50 ~ 160Hz
Bandwidth: 120MHz
Most greatly resolution: 1280×1024 @60
Recommend resolution: 1024×768 @85Hz
Low radiation level: TCO03

In addition, this monitor still has the 3rd generation to show bright skill, can differ according to the user need adjusts brightness. At present the official quoted price of this monitor is flying benefit riverside 1160 yuan. The 107T5 monitor before be being compared keeps balance basically on price. Interested friend mights as well pay close attention to.

[Media quote] : 1160 yuan

[Advisory phone] : Pacific Ocean Mr 105 010-82667114 Mr Wu
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