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Yong Chuangbing selects the price contemporary CRT/LCD at the same time mad depr
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Monitor is in become again in summer vacation time this year most the hardware product that draws eyeball, and as more monitor big plant attends a war, the monitor domain nowadays depreciates mediumly mad tide has the power that grow in intensity greatly. Come since this day on September 15, contemporary reduce two mainstreams product price considerably again. Two products are F777 of 17 inches of pure smooth monitor and I15 of 15 inches of LCDs respectively, the price after two products depreciate mixes 2499 yuan for 899 yuan respectively.

Actually these two products just had reduced one second social status in not long ago, the quote at that time mixes 2799 yuan for 999 yuan respectively. Especially I15 reduces 300 yuan again after a month, more or less can see a few intense rate that compete in video market at present. The function that we still watch these two video below how?

Contemporary F777 monitor

The exterior of contemporary F777 monitor uses technology of patent of initiate T&B structure and principle of design of the casing before using banner visual astringent, make F777 gives a person the sense of a kind of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind. The characteristic of this monitor is it used 4 years of advanced HYNIX integrated circuit of low power comsumption of new edition MCU controls a technology, the power comsumption respect that makes its are working decreased a lot of. Monitor is 65W only in report of the bad news in opening mechanic to make normally, by every day work comes 8 hours plan, its can save 23 % to use n than congener monitor product.

The main performance data of contemporary F777 is as follows:

Dimension: 17 inches
The dot is apart from: 0.20mm
Highest resolution: 1280×1024
Bandwidth: 110MHz
Attestation: MPR Ⅱ
Power: 65W power / energy-saving 23%

As to contemporary I15 LCD. This contemporary LCD is in exterior respect, change straight edges and corners of traditional liquid crystal to design a style, used clipper-built design, white modelling appears very fashionable, and have European color very much. Crust uses material of high-grade ABS environmental protection to pledge, still used design of the casing before newest VFD at the same time.

Contemporary I15 fashionable liquid crystal

Its not only the outward appearance is relatively distinctive, performance side is behaved also not common. Parameter respect, the level can inspect angle to be 160 degrees, have 400: The contrast of 1 and the brightness of 260 lumen, answer time to be 16ms, passed TCO'99 attestation at the same time. Be worth what carry is this monitor those who enjoy 3 years is qualitative protect, this also makes numerous consumer can be at ease use.
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