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Begin city from 1835 yuan of DIY sudden huge profits of carry out projector is t
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Stand originally last weekend the article about projector of DIY of 1835 yuan of cost, caused intense echo of the reader. The result that can say DIY is umbriferous has comparatived ideal, the fun of DIY also arises spontaneously. Calculate so nevertheless come down, 10 thousand yuan of social status of projector of carry out of a city, is its profit really tall breathtaking?

Two hours are made exceed big resolution projector

And the fact also is taken seriously such, the mainstream projector price of resolution of a 1024×768 is in 20 thousand yuan or so basically. With us nevertheless the projector photograph of DIY is compared, projector still is having different utility and advantage. If bulk is cabinet,facilitate carry, but scorch is waited a moment. Whether is the cost of projector true nevertheless can is because of this tower above multiple?

You use a heart, the projector with a not large volume also is not DIY tickler. Do not believe? Everybody can see …… of projector of these another DIY first

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