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CRT is gone against situation and move, rise in price not to affect an user to s
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CRT when the river rises the boat goes up too, become heat again

Since the closest period of time, because be raised upriver raw material by cost of in short supply, picture tube,wait for element influence, CRT monitor is turned over before summer vacation time depreciates " convention " , the mainstream video firm that includes general of LG, SamSung, flying benefit to wait inside, increased the shipment price of CRT product in succession, CRT monitor has the power that entire industry rises greatly. This also distinguish implement the heat that becomes attention of market of summer vacation time once more.

The author understands from a few manufacturers, since this year, stem from whole industry to develop the estimation with hopeful foreground to LCD monitor, supplier of picture tube of a few upper reaches began in a planned way to reduce the yield of CRT picture tube, now the demand of monitor of CRT of year ago two quarters still exuberant, more than predicting demand increased 30% , this caused picture tube in short supply. Begin from April, include the manufacturer of picture tube core such as LG, SamSung and China image to begin grading attune to go up the shipment price of picture tube, go up in 10% the left and right sides. When the river rises the boat goes up too, sufferring big environment to affect CRT to rise in price also is the thing in reason.

In fact, so old come of picture tube supply the demand with the market now and then be out of line, not be first time any more, but react terminal market brings about monitor of entire industry CRT to rise in price this however, what this shows the profit space of CRT monitor is already complete is transparent. Raw material cost raises previously, but by force of the market competition needs, can stablize the price through compressing profit space, nowadays by the explore as profit space, allow a firm people You Ren's space already very small, cost begins to have main effect to price.

CRT monitor act out of normal behaviour, do not fall to go up instead, phonic sound says on the market is " CRT momentary recovery of consciousness just before death " , also someone says is " the go on an expedition below the setting sun " , although may not is accurate, but this is a challenge absolutely to the manufacturer. The person that cares video industry knows, the peripheral with serve as computer the most important and " man-machine communication " indication terminal, video market all through the ages is the domain with the most intense competition on DIY market, whenever heat closes to height, battle of price war, sales promotion blots out the sky and cover up the earth, whose fall strength of panel height, sales promotion is great, who can become the heat of attention more. But the road that depreciates nowadays won'ted do, manufacturer people always cannot rise in price than who the eyeball that extent attracts customer greatly. In fact, CRT monitor is competition the sufficient, market that matures highly, major market share is centered in LG, SamSung and tradition of flying benefit riverside 3 strong in, essay card perhaps is washed to give the market in, hard perhaps maintain, the pain that suffers ultrathin profit. Such, essay card cannot resemble monitor tycoon in rely on huge sale to manage gain in that way, original sales volume is minor profit is little, if do not rise in price more the cost that cannot digest increment, and next extent moving price that compare want taller, competitive pressure cans be imagined.
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