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What do you see 5 years? Digital TV is complete guideline of choose and buy
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Time has been entered 2005, still watching traditional TV? Outdated, follow together we take the period of digital TV. Face liquid crystal, plasma, back to deliver the product that waits for a variety of types however, how should be you chosen criterion?

As product line of LCD face plate upgrade stage by stage, the LCD face plate that lets cut large size becomes a possibility, cost is lower and lower, prices of 30 inches of the following liquid crystal TV can have been accepted by the masses. The liquid crystal TV of larger size also is price element is restricted merely. Liquid crystal TV has high resolution, frivolous characteristic and its are in the colour, weak point that responds the respect such as time, perspective also is being overcome hard by each manufacturer.

What plasma TV can do is very big, the character that gives off light actively makes brightness and contrast and perspective can get ensuring, the picture is qualitative best. The PDP price that is large size high resolution certainly is high, power consumption is not low, service life is opposite shorter.

The back drops the good point with the biggest TV is relatively low price gets larger indication area, power consumption is small, but volume is larger, picture definition and brightness and perspective are not quite fine, it is better that DLP bears fruit going and offer one's services, but the price is very expensive however.

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