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Sell field firm development to investigate whole strategy of sham TCO attestatio
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In last few years, the environmental protection concept of green health became the main subject of IT industry, and the focal point that monitor product also made people pay close attention to of course as the important part of PC. Be opposite as people of demand of equipment of video of low power comsumption, low radiation rise, TCO attestation had become the important and referenced target when consumer purchases monitor product.

TCO attestation is the decision criteria of monitor character already

Recently, although the monitor product that there is a netizen to mirror his to buy in very much network forum is stuck have TCO attestation sign, but did not pass TCO attestation actually, in the official database of TCO attestation Ligenbencha is less than the model of this product. In the meantime, a few of the reporter friends that work in computer market also confirmed to there is the news of monitor of attestation of a lot of false TCO in the market.

Stem from curious psychology, the writer took the market of a few big electrons of ZhongGuanCun, investigation concerns the situation of monitor of false TCO attestation. But sees case makes the author stunned really, wrapping around the monitor of waists-coat of false TCO attestation special, the product that has certain and famous brand even also is listed in its, what make a person find both funny and annoying more is, the author sees even certain the false TCO label that is stuck on the face plate before monitor is gray actually, have commonsensible person to be able to differentiate a bit come out, these sham label are too disappointing also, but the aggressive arrogance that also reflected the person that make a holiday from flank. On the machine that still has a few firms, we saw Chinese TCO indicates actually! For instance “ accords with ” of TCO'99 standard ” , standard of “ compatible TCO'99 to wait a moment.

False TCO monitor of so much flows into the market, the harm that causes is many sided. Above all, what pass attestation than doing not have through the monitor of TCO attestation is expensive, and the manufacturer builds a holiday to be able to earn higher profit through TCO attestation, but consumer is floriferous the product that money did not enjoy TCO attestation level however, apparent this is inequity. Secondly, consumer buys the product that carries TCO attestation, stem from healthy consideration mostly, and false TCO attestation product however far the demand of short of health. In addition, the environmental protection that the monitor of standard of corresponding TCO attestation also will give short of whole society brings enormous pressure, because their raw material did not amount to mark mostly, reclaim in the future, the difficulty of processing is very great.
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