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3 stand aside are surpassed, first AOC FIFA inspects win victory in the first ba
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On July 3, by the group industrial development promotes the Chinese young person of central subordinate can sponsor, science and technology of Guan Jie of world-famous monitor manufacturer undertakes " contest of athletics of electron of college of first 2004 China -- AOC FIFA looks green game " open contest formally. According to book leg, current match is in go ahead of the rest was in Guangzhou, Chongqing and Wuhan that day 3 ground the corresponding period is held. According to ahead message, 3 stations match is in of the person that undertake prepare an organization meticulously to fall, sign up in school student eagerly, race site insecurity is intense, wonderful confused is shown, successful generation gives the Guan Yajun of each competion area, before was being obtained, past Beijing attends the qualification of countrywide total final. It is reported, AOC FIFA looks green game with " more extensive participation, fairer choose, more healthy progress " for the target, watch in the game of school undergraduate with leading a college correctly, choose right game project, promote electronic athletics activity actively, in the guiding with countrywide large-scale college health of undergraduate electron athletics develops.

Chongqing competion area: Surpass HIGH one case with national group warm up

Open contest that day, assemble of poll of game ball of Internet bar of dock of person of fishing of the door in be located in Chongqing university is moved, like the fervent weather of Chongqing, match of Chongqing competion area was enraged that day atmosphere is very hot. Artful, the match was catching up with team of Chinese nation football to undertake in Chongqing and Lebanon nation group the warm up of Asian cup is surpassed that day, the fictitious green mattress with reality is right definitely fortunately in a city same sky acts, make this second FIFA match has extraordinary sense more.

Players pass intense contend, the Song Hongjun of the Chen Dongjie that comes from campus of Rongchang of college of Chongqing southwest agriculture finally and Chongqing broadcast university breaks through a tight encirclement smoothly, cent wins coronal, second place.

Guangzhou competion area: Champion " golden ball " win out

Guangzhou competion area in the morning the match began formally at 9 o'clock, atmosphere is nervous all the time and intense, players one begin with respect to flavour of flames of war dye-in-the-wood, whole competion area exclamations happen frequently.

Enter 8 strong later, the match undertakes more intensely. The Yu Chenggang that is in institute of profession of Changsha civil administration is right in the match of the Tang Qiuna of college of Hua Na agriculture, yu Chenggang multiplies his first unprepared, hit unaware, advance two balls repeatedly, state is entered slowly south Tangqiu next, begin to strike back, when the match is entered, because Yu Chenggang shovels a ball to foul rear, be punished by red shop sign next team member, then he adjusts tactics immediately, give priority to in order to defend, dozen defend dozen of law that strike back, the Tang Dynasty begin to attack in force, pressing the other side to hit from beginning to end, but the psychological quality of more than is first-rate, defend tenacious and composed, let the other side finally shoot one ball only, 2: The score of 1 keeps final.
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