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Beautiful case summer vacation time magnifies " valence "
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The heavy rain of before two days of Beijing can wash the capital clean really, so Beijing present air Ke Zhenqing

New, the author tells everybody a good news here, before may beautiful case feels paragraph time is too hot, north

Such flood sees Beijing inaccessibly, so again the price " drop in temperature " , white 770AG by 999 original

Yuan 100 yuan of present price are privilege 899 yuan (be restricted only white) !

This 770AG beautiful case is March when fall by 1199 yuan 999 yuan, it is to get a student quite

Gay is shown implement, now this favourable in a limited time also be to be the real situation to serve deep love of educational redound student,

Letting us see it after all first is what about:

It is medium that a lot of people know this monitor property of end, its general norms is: The dot of 0.25mm

Be apart from, bandwidth is 1280x1024 for the 110MHz, biggest resolution, although not be very high end, but to learning

Be born and family expenses is absolutely used quite, and 899 yuan price, sexual price is compared still is very tall; "E -

Scene of " of Video gold eye adjusts pushbutton is provided alone for beautiful case, the appearance also is relatively easy, gentle, beautiful

. This beautiful square is favourable in a limited time and main confront broad student, the student wants by student's identification card ability is likely with

899 yuan price is taken! Plainspoken nevertheless buy video or old brand is a few safer, beautiful

Case production monitor has history of 17 years, the craft that make and character are relatively mature, additional even

Those who tell everybody is, in July 22, science and technology of 23 days of beautiful case platform of China north career - -- Beijing is vacated build classics trade to have

Be restricted the company will have activity of spot sales promotion in city of division trade electron (merchandise on hand 1000) , mobile spot will have

Literary show and gift card send, sail of tent having dew, camp bag of water of knapsack, sheepskin, and actor or actress this

Benefit is deadline sales promotion only, ended to August 10, the classmate of machine thinking save money must not be missed Oh! Consult

Ask phone is 82852053, classmates want to make the best of time!

The heat that the ammunition of mobile no less than that makes 50 yuan occupy the 770XC that reports beautiful case to judge privilege of student's identification card is like a bitter edible plant is bought in (

Cost price 999 yuan) .

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