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CRT, carry to death? Market of pure smooth video is looked into with guide
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To video market, 2003 is a year of half happy care. In this year, the LCD got rapid growth in the sale scale of video market, more and more showed a kind to cannot stop the ground the manner of predominate monitor, and the volume of shipment of liquid crystal face plate of global annual, also reached a new historical level.

Trinitron of monitor top right corner (special Li Long) mark

But get last year the influence of be in short supply of liquid crystal face plate, product of desktop computer liquid crystal display demands exceeds supply, make the LCD lost the main chance of a rapid all-pervading, total sale did not achieve the goal that industry place expects. And the good luck that watched traditional CRT monitor to hold LCD be in short supply instead, hold number one share firmly again, continuance is regnant the long history of video market.

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