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Heat hurried times interest of CRT of Long of classical NESO aurora explodes
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From last year begin first, 1000 yuan of the following CRT products in computer market appear ceaselessly. From inside early days market numerous in essay brand product, the big plant CRT that to 2003 second half of the year begins enters 1000 yuan. Current CRT market appeared already 1000 yuan of a lot of products. And the good sex price with lower price theres is no lack of to compare a product in this, for example small today make up the NESO TD770V that see, explode the low that gave 898 yuan. Although the activity has short number day, arrived to end on the weekend originally, but this price still provides power extremely in current CRT market.

Exterior of NESO TD770V monitor

The TD770V of NESO, can saying to be not is what is tasted newly. Its serve as canal of NESO spy Li Long left June last year the first batch after the market " auroral Long " product, no matter locate in the price returning is character respect, its are in the corresponding period has good performance in 17 inches of pure smooth CRT.

This model is NESO the 17 吋 CRT of TD770V is nominal parameter is as follows:

The dot is apart from: 0.25mm
Highest resolution: 1280 × 1024 @67Hz
Line frequency: 30-72KHz
Field frequency: 50-130Hz
Bandwidth: 110MHz
Radiation-proof attestation: TCO99

From at present the development impetus of video market looks, can say 17 inches of CRT become already quickly to transfer product. Want LCD to be able to fall only a reasonable price, 17 inches of CRT are replaced had become the fact that does not dispute. Because this wants to buy the friend that buys LCD video, might as well consider to buy a CRT to transfer first. The TD770V of NESO is waited a moment here cheap and function not the CRT product of common deserves a consideration very much.

[Media price] : 898 yuan

[Advisory phone] : Silicon Valley Mr 1B08 010-82852226 Mr Li

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