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Player great temptation buys machine of game of PS2 of video certified products
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To most friend, computer can regard as plane of a large sport. Speak of real game opportunity nevertheless, now head the product nature that turn is PS2. Although for the friend to liking sport not less, PS2 is a kind of temptation, but its function compares computer after all onefold too much, should spend money or should issue bit of determination. So while if be in,everybody installs a machine, the likelihood is given a PS2, does that have temptation very much?

Recently, buy fantast or the friend of Ma elegant monitor, organic meeting obtains such gifts. The activity is specific content is as follows:

Begin to come from July 10 on August 10, every buys fantast Ji Maya the user of an any monitor, can obtain randomly give lucky blow blow card a piece, attend Ma activity of large sales promotion of whole nation of elegant, fantast. Award includes: Plane of 2000 yuan sport of PlayStation2 of SONY quality goods reachs value 100 times value 380 yuan wireless number sound box 1500!

This wireless does sound box want to put?

Gift it may be said of the activity is quite inviting, and fantast and Ma are elegant also all sexual price can offer an alternative than good product. Be like: Use the fantast Game-8 that Long of diamond of M2 of 3 water chestnut is in charge of, the NFS with elegant Ma extremely fast king series is waited a moment. This month the friend of outfit machine mights as well pay close attention to.

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