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The smallest pure smooth Q775D on modern world drops broken 1000
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Although at present LCD monitor is fried bubbling with noisely in the market, but its are close 3000 yuan price is too high still to the user of labour firewood estate, so pure smooth monitor remains 17 inches of CRT the monitor product that holds bigger market share. However, face the monitor of 17 inches of CRT on the market, what kind of price just is reasonable? Small make up also do not say to go out " the reason why " , what select what price after all still is to want you oneself to decide.

Although small make up cannot be your final conclusion what price is likely, but small make up can recommend a monitor to choose for you for you, this monitor is contemporary Q775D. Why to recommend it? Fall because of what its are in what the price has 300 yuan now, this still compare good news to the user.

Contemporary Q775D monitor

Will let us watch its performance. The close-coupled patent structure that monitor of this contemporary Q775D used contemporary proper motion to develop, change before the traditional structure of monitor around casing, turn into to fluctuate and be built, the PCB that cooperates to use a large number of new-style component and patent technology composing board, greatly cut overall volume and weight, make bulk of this 17 inches pure smooth monitor is equivalent to only 15 inches of monitor, and 16.1 inches can inspect an area excel can inspect an area 16 inches of 17 inches of pure smooth monitor commonly.

Of contemporary Q775D monitor nominal parameter is:
Screen: 17 inches
Horizontal dot is apart from: 0.20mm
Bandwidth: 110MHz
The biggest resolution: 1280 × 1024
Passed TCO99 attestation
Prevent bewildered, antistatic, prevent reflection

This monitor from drop 1299 yuan defeat 1000 yuan, at present its quote is 999 yuan, 1000 yuan of prices below are this monitor very strong competition actual strength was had in 17 inches of pure flat markets, also can bring a right choice to the user at the same time. The friend of machine of near future outfit mights as well consider.

[Media quote] : 999 yuan

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