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SamSung " refresh " monitor " demon ability " lead show
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Enter 2004, the personage inside a lot of course of study pays close attention to the change of monitor future and trend all the time, the SamSung monitor that waiting to regard an industry as cacique can release what product and technology this year. Taste a news briefing newly to be exhibited in countrywide make one's rounds as the SamSung monitor of vane of the industry that be by person, this answer to a riddle is opened. SamSung innovates a gender in the light of domain of whole video technology 5 big " demon ability " show a body subsequently, did not roll out 26 to taste monitor newly at a heat only, and " MagicBright demon is bright " technology, " MagicTune demon is moved " technology, " MagicSpeed demon fast " technology, " MagicColor demon colour " technology and " MagicStand demon comes back " the technology " 5 great consummate skill " once roll out,get the attention inside course of study with respect to equipment.

"Demon ability " lead indication tide
Why be to plant after all so does the reason make " demon ability " be welcomed so? Above all, we explain SamSung simply " demon ability " concept. "MagicBright demon is bright " technology, to this technology, believe many friends understand already. CRT respect, pass the application of high-powered electron gun and layer of accept Mi Tu, make the brightness of its CRT achieved 500 lumen, offerred text version, have a good swim Internet, game, recreation the condition of 4 class brightness, and this technology still is applied to LCD domain by the success. Cooperate " MagicTune demon is moved " the technology uses a mouse to be able to adjust the OSD function such as appearance of display luminance, contrast, resolution, geometry, color, change interactive graph to achieve ideal indication result with handy human nature. "MagicSpeed demon fast " the technology makes 3 new model such as 172X, 710N, 710T realize 12ms super- extremely fast answer, true implementation is not had " pull an image " the effect. "MagicColor demon colour " the technology uses the ACE with particular SamSung and ASE chip, greatly outspread the colour degree of saturation of LCD and rich degree. "MagicStand demon comes back " it is afterwards " MagicTune demon is moved " another human nature besides changes a design, the intelligence with double axis all-around base adjusts function, not only can adjust obliquitous, height, still can undertake perpendicular 180 degrees, the level rotates 350 degrees, can undertake fold even, the design that human nature changes showed everybody's elegant demeanour in fine point.

Indication revolution
Introduce SamSung simply 5 big " demon ability " later, can see the technology that SamSung popularizes this, be not point to LCD alone or any weak sports of CRT monitor. Make up for the insufficient part that shows level video in the round however, especially " MagicTune demon is moved " technology, the convenience sex of user adjustment simplified on utmost. Each " demon ability " the original part that all without exception reflects SamSung to regard international as big plant.
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