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The student helps strength adolescent is pushed to read in all in the center of
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Recently, in be being mixed by student net, green net undertakes jointly " adolescent of our whole nation of civilized ─ ─ reads activity " announce to spread out formally in Beijing, the ─ of ─ of culture spirit commissariat that aims this to pass a network to offer rich, health for our country adolescent by the activity that sponsors in the center of the Youth League is outstanding reader.

In recent years, be full of on the network more and more the literary work of all sorts of the good and bad are intermingled, begin to use a network as increasing adolescent, insalubrious work brought wh some of which bad influence. Below this kind of circumstance, it is teenage open up technically one agrees with teenage network reads space and select the digital books that is helpful for teenage health growing to had been become carry out fulfil " the State Council of Central Committee of Communist Party of China is mixed about be being strengthened further a certain number of opinions that improve construction of minor thought morality " mental key.

Be based on this, "Adolescent of our whole nation of civilized ─ ─ reads activity " will begin since this day, collect through the society, the expert is recommended choose 100 kinds of teenage outstanding reader, with guiding adolescent to read correctly direction is mixed rich read a student to live. Publish unit and individual each jointly, 50 are recommended on the net for adolescent " photograph companion is benefited forever all one's life " books reads with going up for teenage net. With " my read story " call for paper publicly to the whole nation for the problem, the whole nation reads a person of academic or artistic distinction of intellectual contest and culture celebrity, literature and wide readership are in the network implementation face-to-face the activity of the rich and colorful such as communication, cogent make look for good book for the reader, had better the book seeks a reader. Still will hold adolescent to read (collect books) state questionnaire investigation, be in namely in the website such as green net begins adolescent to read (collect books) state questionnaire investigation, understand broad adolescent read, collect books state, do well at ground of have a definite object in view with benefit read activity.

Second activity is here medium, student company regards the bibcock of domain of books of our country number as the enterprise, the technology that precedes with its, leadership position in industry and will be opposite for years the outstanding contribution of social interest, honor ground by give priority to certainly in the center of the group should undertake one of units, besides offerring advanced digital technology, what still participate in this activity in the round is all run.

Bear such important task, wang Dong of student company president is faced state scarcely disappoint round center is ardent hope, do one's best the job that finishs this glory. Wang Dong is faced think, excellent book is thought and wisdom accumulate, our country is teenage whether the essence that draws these knowledge has conclusive sense to the civilized inheritance of our country. 9 big ministries and commissions are combined this to roll out in the center of the Youth League " our civilization " thematic series activity will drive the collective attention with civilized to our nation the people of the whole country, "Adolescent reads activity " with when all is entered, use what network and digital technology offer a brand-new, health for adolescent to read place, with outstanding culture occupational Internet position, the sense is very great. Student company devotes oneself to to serve for social interest all along, build the development of the company on the base that stimulative society expands, had done " adolescent reads activity " it is our obligatory job.
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