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Xiang Long is in charge of good-bye! Canal of on the world last batches of Long
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Monitor development can say LCD had held bedding face state power up to now, as to once all leads video market the ten CRT monitor that carry are already timely also make quit a movement.

Review territory of whole CRT market, include secondhand the market, not only cannot have seen at all use the earliest green show, the monitor of simple picture tube, earlier 14, monitor of 15 inches of color also had disappeared from the scene. Because used Kong Zhuang,shade cover is designed at that time, because section of this picture tube is spherical. And right now product also the cause because of DOS operating system, the adjustment of its image is to use potentiometer imitate to adjust. Namely knob of actual lower part, do not know everybody exceeds old product to whether still have memory to those.

Before CRT times

As the promotion that people asks to monitor, stem from pair of indication effects and the consideration of indication area, the concept of planar right angle is taken seriously more and more. Enter picture tube of ” of “ planar right angle was born 1994, be not nevertheless is absolutely pure smooth, just radius of picture tube curvature exceeded 2000 millimeter. Plus the wide application that coating technology waits a moment, the effect of monitor promoted many.

And a bar shape that real CRT milestone should be Suo Ni to be developed shade cover technology, namely special Li Long (Trinitron) technology, with the diamond Long that subsequently 3 water chestnut roll out (Diamondtron) technology. Its make screen comes true in perpendicular direction complete straightforward, make the same score direction in water only still somewhat radian. And bar shape the adoption of shade cover, make the character of monitor also promotes considerably.

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