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Long of big plant diamond? Such monitor can search too hard
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The friend that often pays close attention to this station monitor prices can know certainly, monitor of Hai Erxin money had entered a village recently, shine in order to send in the initial stage of promotion dish the eyeball that sales promotion form attracts passerby. Still caused video market really nevertheless not small shake, after all the sea Er with home appliance build up, china of it may be said enters one of overmatch of international electron market, not allow absolutely small inspect. Let us see this appear on the market recently first the truth of sth. of the product:

Sea Er HV-786CS

This new the model of diamond Long product that appear on the market is: HV-786CS, it uses design of fashionable silver-colored black crust, integral modelling is more fashionable, design style and actor are sent very close. This monitor fixed position is in in high-end market, used bar to be apart from Long of diamond of 17 inches of when be 0.24mm 3 water chestnut 2 Dai Gaoliang picture tube, highest resolution amounts to 1600*1200, optimal resolution is 1024*768; The video bandwidth of this monitor is 160MHz. So small in making up an individual to think it is applied to basically, upright DIY, family reachs commercial use.

2 generation of Long of diamond of 3 water chestnut shine high picture tube, the good thing of be worthy of the name. Actually HV-786CS looks from the exterior with HV-775C be exactly the same, go up in OSD control pushbutton and product label only some make distinction.

In addition, sea Er HV-786CS monitor still joined sea Er intelligence technology of eye vision engine, it is shirt-sleeve human body labour learns to design, want you to be pressed gently only, can enter mode of game mode, movie and TV, picture to admire mode, design mode, text to show wait for 5 kinds of mode, adjust easily your most comfortable vision effect. This is similar to the wisdom eye function in beautiful division product, and of HV-786CS monitor of this sea Er or attention of very worth while and broad user.

[Media quote] : 1380 yuan

[Advisory phone] : Vessel good 3190 010-82696524

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