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Reciprocal 2 days: Elegant, fantast sends Ma madly Suo Ni PS2
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July the intense heat of summer, heat up backwash billows, the busy season of IT industry subsequently and come. The greatly small sales promotion in computer city, begin to be performed in succession, lively and extraordinary. Ma elegant, fantast brand of monitor of course of study of two three-year institution of higher learning get ready for fight, will be in today summer the activity of associated sales promotion that rolls out breath making a person to choke!

Begin to come from July 10 on August 10, every buys fantast Ji Maya the user of an any monitor, can obtain randomly give lucky blow card a piece, attend this national large sales promotion. Rich and generous award includes: The plane of sport of PlayStation2 of SONY quality goods of 2000 reachs value ¥ 100 times value ¥ the wireless number of 380 sound box 1500! A huge sum of exactly the amount abounds gift, will be in today the consumer inside Xia Weiguo brings infinite surprise!

Regard sales volume of monitor of domestic diamond Long as the first brand, "Have a fever indication expert " fantast, compare with the vogue and style, service that be at ease and superhigh sex price, gain the favour of domestic user, by countless game player and professional stylist praise for " current the most top class indication equipment! " and the Ma of brand of professional liquid crystal that comes from Korea is elegant, be new rise liquid crystal brand, subordinate " extremely fast king " liquid crystal bear the palm countless, have powerful force; And Ma is elegant roll out this year " colour Great Master " series liquid crystal, also lifted upsurge recently, ma elegant CS-7D more win the whole world the favour of Welch of • of outstanding gram of the first CEO, become the authority in colour domain, the speed that goes up with market liquid crystal is contended for sharp edge contend. Fantast and Ma are elegant hit out jointly in summer vacation time, certainly will is become today the focus that summerly market fixes eyes upon!

In burning hot summer, hide in the home to review a variety of classical little game, flavor that tastes newest and three-dimensional exciting game with PS2, make a person extremely yearning. Elegant, fantast mad hurried sends Ma PS2 be about to perform, flower of PS2 of 100 Suo Ni falls whose home, open box to see reason namely!

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