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The country surrounds a city! Digital TV circles those who drive a level to cont
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Wang Zhen of our newspaper reporter is sent from Guangzhou

The ground of national figure TV that let industry look forward to 3 years two transmits a standard up to now still lute block face, publish calendar to be revised by hearsay again and again. Nevertheless, university of Tsinghua of two of this standard main units that draft and Shanghai traffic university (next weighing that “ Shanghai hands in big ” ) had waited not as good as, begin to send force secretly in industrialization respect, department of each district wide cable is the way that changes ” of “ wait for windfalls below the impulse of industrialization more, respective layout.

Experts say, this year will be digital TV development a the fastest year.

” of eliminate illiteracy of mobile TV “

Digital TV is pilot begin from central the city zone mostly, nevertheless, it is likewise OK from out-of-the-way and a mountainous area begin to spread out stage by stage. Guangzhou city is the assentient of this one view apparently.

On Feburary 4, the Guangzhou city that is located in remote mountains adds a city to pressing down 7 other peoples of She nationality village to receive a wedding day if really. Edition of Guangzhou city new scent and broadcasting television bureau, add bureau of urban broadcasting television and academy of Shenzhen Tsinghua university to be in jointly added a city to open floor figure TV to transmit a station, and to these 7 other peoples every give a machine to carry a box on the head, their TV from this no longer “ waves snowflake ” .

This is the whole nation the first with wireless transmit (mobile TV) means realizes “ an out-of-the-way village that connects ” TV.

Edition of Guangzhou city new scent and Zhou Xianhua of deputy director general of broadcasting television bureau tell " daily of the first finance and economics " reporter, guangzhou realizes the village of village of administrative village “ of whole town to connect ” TV with cable television means, spent many yuan 8000. If use wireless transmission means to come true, investment needs this numerary only 1/3 to 1/5. Relative to mobile TV, cable television must laid is fiber-optic, be in remote and a mountainous area, as a result of landform complex, dorp disperses, this kind enclothes means presence capital to throw cycle of big, construction long, maintain cost advanced problem. And implementation is wireless receive, it is OK to need to install a machine to carry a box on the head only, whole system can oneself move, need not additional investment, can accomplish “ to connect ” for a long time.

At present 20 natural villages that above did not connect cable television still have Guangzhou city 2000 many. Zhou Xianhua says, the means that Guangzhou plans to continue to use mobile TV is ” of eliminate illiteracy of “ of these 2000 villages. After afterwards adds a city, guangzhou city still can be in those who be not central the city zone from change, flower, time the division such as Yu develops wireless number TV, the channel resource implementation that the ground that allows these 4 divisions transmits is shared.
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