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Design concept is different from general, ACER is pure smooth sell a site suffic
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The market focus of Acer brand basically is centered in the sale of NB and brand machine, run strength from what have brand video far come fiercely as oneself brother BenQ. Nevertheless, for big to an international that has actual strength plant, the technology upgrades and get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh always is indispensable, small make up the CRT monitor that discovers in the market Acer head money passes TCO03 attestation today to had appeared on the market, see this product whats sell a site together.

Graph 2 two sell a site greatly: Gao Liang spends 500 lumen of TCO03 attestation +

Graph 3 chic the OSD pushbutton of one case

Graph 4 flank

Graph 5 end face

In all fairness, acer AF710 is one of CRT products with relatively excellent design of near future exterior absolutely, so that small compile the different point that saw a product in very far place. The exterior uses milky white to be base color, whole shows a kind of strong fruity wind fully, no matter be the front, flank or it is end face, use curve line to undertake interim entirely, pushbutton of circle OSD control is pressed arrange what displaying screen lower part. This design is very original, mains switch is located in circle among, the adjustment that circuit is all around pushbutton.

Monitor wrong upper part assembled product number and two marks that basically sell a site: TCO03 attestation and mode of video of 500 lumen DVD. This monitor uses DynaFlat TM Gao Liang simple flat picture tube, highest the tall brightness that offers 500 lumen, AF710 can be in “ groovy ” , “ text ” , “ webpage ” , “ game ” , “ video ” differs 5 kinds this the switch between brightness mode, apply at different indication pattern respectively. On icon special the mode of video of 500 lumen DVD that point out, the friends that enjoy DVD movie to those loving just about prepare. A few otherer the technology is as follows: The dot is apart from 0.20mm, bandwidth 110MHz, highest resolution 1280*1024, the refresh rate of 85Hz supports below the resolution of standard 1024*768, can satisfy basically use place to need daily.
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