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CRT is not dead! "Reduce weight " hind again city of dictate of battle liquid cr
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The picture tube technology with international new on November 22 report can invite network of information of CNET science and technology the traditional monitor with huge volume is thin on a few inches, the advantage project —— that challenges flat monitor is ultrathin.

The monitor meeting that holds on Thursday (planar information is exhibited meeting 2004) on, a few senior officials say ultrathin CRT (CRT) video next year face city, and the price should compare popular now flat monitor (use LCD and plasma show wait for updated technique) cheaper.

Manager Siegfried Trinker says the company strategy of company of LG.Philips Displays International: "These ultrathin CRT monitor hold the picture quality with excellent —— of two big advantages and fine dimension concurrently. "Although picture quality is better, the price is lower also, and hold major market share, with use new technology (for instance LCD is mixed plasma) flat monitor is compared rise, the monitor that is based on picture tube had lost the aureola former days.

LG.Philips Displays has begun set limit to to produce the picture tube that uses for this kind of ultrathin monitor, the CRT TV that predicts second half of the year is ultrathin 2005 will put the United States on the market. Price of inchoate of this kind of TV may the CRT product with current prep above, but the price can fall very quickly.

First manufacturer that produces this kind of TV in the United States will be LG electron and company of electron of riverside of royal humble benefit. Giant of industry of these two electrons still established the 2nd big manufacturer ——LG.Philips LCD jointly. A senior official of SamSung company says, the ply of the TV of 30 inches of picture tube that SamSung electron produces will reduce about 16 inches, compare flat product only a bit a bit thicker.

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