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Trident specializes in whole world of target of IC of liquid crystal drive the f
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Trident (Tai Ding) expressed a few days ago, because draw qualitative promotion and price to go low continuously, this company values market of TV of global liquid crystal to be able to have later in June this year erupt the gender grows, and at present Trident offers 20 to chip of TV of 40 吋 liquid crystal, already obtained a gleam of such as riverside of Xia Pu, flying benefit, Suo Ni, SamSung and LG big plant is used, anticipate since the 2nd season hopeful implementation is chased 20% , even the freeboard of 25% grows rate, the global market of annual has Trident this year lead organic meeting to achieve 30% , make the whole world supplier of chip of TV of the biggest liquid crystal, and all chip will be in charge of acting labour by couplet report.

Trident expresses, at present quote is in face plate of the most popular TV of 32 吋 liquid crystal to was expected to fall to fluctuate to 500 dollars later this year in June, TV of 32 吋 liquid crystal is overall price lowest will drop split 1000 dollars, the Han department product such as SamSung will is 1100 to 1200 dollars, suo Ni, the day department product such as Xia Pu is 1300 to 1400 dollars.

At present Trident basically is offerred 20, 23, 26, 32, 37, chip of TV of 40 吋 liquid crystal, and this part chance is planted the 80% proportion that take global market about, have 15% only below as to 20 吋 , 40 吋 above is fewer, it is only 5% .

Trident aggregate battalion received chip of the plasma TV of annual, liquid crystal TV, digital CRT TV last year for 69 million dollar, anticipate implementation the high speed that chase season grows this year, highest growing rate can be amounted to 25% .

Trident still points out, market demand is the at present biggest is the chip of liquid crystal TV of 1366×768 resolution, this company also provides support highest picture is qualitative - the high-end product of 1920×1080p.

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