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Video industry shuffles 3 big plants occupy 60 % market by force
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Because Guan Jie is reached,rise abruptly of the coronal quickly only, the whole world and Taiwan video industry will shuffle greatly, CRT monitor will remain SamSung, Guan Jie to reach only Guan Sanxiong contend for hegemony, the LCD will remain riverside of SamSung, LG, flying benefit, Guan Jie, only coronal, bright base, smooth Bao Jiren a few manufacturer such as treasure.

Use reasonable resource, guan Jie, only coronal manufactory of two Chinese monitor rises abruptly stealthily in recent years, shipment soars, global monitor shipment is ranked, already appeared to change considerably, before CRT monitor shipment 3 big SamSung, Guan Jie and only the coronal before 3 monopolize greatly the whole world is close 6 become shipment, guan Jie and only the coronal is in LCD shipment also before impact 6 big.

Only coronal group vice president, shenzhen only Wang Mingjun of coronal general manager says, 3, allege 4 years ago the person that should do the line of business of the LCD is as high as about a hundred, at present probably remnant 10, and shipment volume masters in hand of big plant of a gleam of, besides the SamSung that owns face plate plant, LG and flying benefit riverside, remain even if Guan Jie, bright base, smooth treasure, Ren Baoyu only coronal.

Wang Mingjun analyses: " big person constant is big, shipment will be monitor of next year whole world 5 million the door of the factory pits, the video industry under 5 million person put subsist very hard. "

Only the coronal is the IT course of study that Taiwan goes to Hong Kong the first times to hang out one's shingle, chief is Yang Rongshan, battalion of item the year before last year receives money agreement a stage 60 billion yuan, there are 20 companies below the banner, taiwan beautiful case is its subsidiary, this year CRT monitor shipment 9 million, rank whole world the 3rd; LCD 3.5 million. Wang Mingjun expresses, next year only shipment of coronal CRT monitor can be amounted to 1, 0, global rank sits 3 look 2; The LCD can amount to 6 million, be expected impact whole world the 5th big.

Only the coronal is base of the mainest production with Shenzhen now, there is manufacturing base in Taipei and Wuhan, govern on somebody's behalf the product line of face plate of mobile phone color of Jilin colour brilliant. Wang Mingjun is analysed, only the coronal can rise abruptly quickly, be attributed to cost lowest, development and deliver goods speed the fastest.
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