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Flying benefit riverside " digital core " CRT of infuse of life science and tech
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On July 20, the ” of core of number of “ of flying benefit riverside that flying benefit riverside held a theme to be ” of life of “ number core in Beijing (Smart Tech) brand-new 6 series CRT tastes a news briefing newly. This is afterwards “ 5 move after showing ”LCD of bright new life to taste a news briefing newly, the another year that flying benefit riverside rolls out tastes recommended grand opera newly. On the meeting, flying benefit riverside brings his for broad user not only brand-new “ number core ”6 series CRT, the designs for CRT only 4 big intelligence that still reveal original creation of flying benefit riverside in the round to industry are banner technology.

5 CRT that this the news briefing rolls out all are tasted newly for 17 inches, model is respectively: 107S6, 107H6, 107F6, 107T6 and 107C6. Those who regard “5” as series is brand-new upgrade product, this “6" series CRT is in environmental protection of technical design, indication function, green, reduce the respect such as power comsumption to all have promotion before relatively, also reflect at the same time gave a lot of innovation technology and human nature to change a design.
And this the another hotspot of the news briefing depends on, the ” of “ number core that flying benefit riverside rolls out (Smart Tech) brand-new CRT, cover 4 intelligence technology: Wisdom core technology (Smart Digital) Zhi Liang technology (Smart Bright) , intelligent technology (Smart Power) and Zhi Jing technology (Smart Clean) .

Technology of ● wisdom core (Smart Digital)

Global head home uses CPU of deflexion of number of original creation odd chip, the confluence in its sheet chip deflexion and miniature controller, and the integrated monitor of utmost is controlled advocate board a large number of advocate dominate chip. Turn processing and control through having total number word to inputting signal synchronism, enhanced every resembles element stability of picture image and authenticity greatly. With one action of this innovation technology removes the breathing effect that damages indication effect, reduced effectively show shake phenomenon, increased to show the stereo sense of the picture, line is clearer. The personnel of professional graph design that suits to have higher demand to the stability of picture quality more use.

Technology of ● Zhi Liang (Smart Bright)
Cover intelligent form to show bright technology and skill of people look Gao Liang, technology of patent of applied whole world -- show bright. Zhi Liang technology is more perfect reflect the colour with outstanding monitor of flying benefit riverside to show the result. Pass joint of soft hardware photograph, adjust of the function use a sex easily stronger. Bring an user at the same time more comprehensive, mix more adequately more the indication that human nature changes adjusts function. Suit to be used to the user of acme of picture colour demand more.
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