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Bad news report is lower colour is more colourful 3 ocean are rolled out brand-n
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3 foreign electric machinery and Kodak combination development went a kind of power consumption to reduce the face plate of OLED of 2.16 inches of color with half left and right sides, smaller to perspective dependence chroma than before, it with 230cd/m2the power consumption when brightness shows picture is 200mW ~ 300mW only.

To reduce power consumption, a white was increased on every foundation that resembles element in RGB3 stature like element (W) child like element, that is to say by add up to 4 stature resembling element form to resemble element. When using, be 3 seeds union resembling element rises to show into colour of circumstances or style of departure, come in these so child in resembling element, regular meeting uses W child like element. Be used that is to say with such GBW, BRW, RGW combination. W child the glow efficiency that resembles element is as high as 12.5cd/A, be R about respectively 5 times, of G 2 times, 11 times of B, so with use RGB photograph to compare only, power source used efficiency to get rising.

In chroma change respect, form OLED component structure through there is uneven motherboard to go up in the design and got ameliorative. Adopt a design concave and convex, reduced structure of OLED face plate to arrive to glow layer illuminate face plate is external the effect that the light causes. OLED face plate gives off light by OLED color of filter of layer, electrode layer, insulation layer, color implement motherboard of layer, TFT layer, glass, in ply, material the index respect such as qualitative, refractive index many each not identical composition. In the past, glow layer illuminate arrives face plate is external the light can get the influence of these layer structures, because this is in,the brightness of G and B just faces perspective dependence very big.

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