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Traditional color television helps CRT of straw new technology has come on stage
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At the beginning of November, samSung, LG, Suo Ni and beautiful all can claim to already developed an ultrathin CRT, ply is in 38 centimeters about, predict to be in 2005 come to was pushed 2008 to the market, 32 inches ultrathin CRT price is 8000 yuan about. And domestic industry tycoon also expresses strong interest to ultrathin CRT in succession.

Li Haiying of vise general manager of center of research and development of the group that achieve dimension expresses, “ although Chinese enterprise did not announce to roll out ultrathin CRT, but developing development on behalf of domestic company, the center of research and development of the group that achieve dimension is in early attention a got-up affair develops and already should be opposite a little movement. ”

  ● day Han begins research and development

Investigation makes clear, current ultrathin TV market is deuced by plasma and liquid crystal the world, the market of 35 inches of above by plasma dominant, and 35 inches of the following markets are controlled by liquid crystal, because technical content is high, price and CRT photograph compare tower above 5 to 20 times. Ultrathin TV staple market is the city that economy developeds, and 34 class market holds the mainstream by CRT.

But regard as with liquid crystal report exemple, although its have the advantage with feebleminded bad news, long life, but can appear from transverse the problem of “ perspective ” that color of the two side when looking becomes weak. And the biggest characteristic of plasma TV is screen big, and the weakness is external light the appearance that can create image to blur when reflection arrives on screen. Because plasma and liquid crystal are put in blemish, so many day Han companies begin already the research and development of burgeoning and ultrathin TV, in order to make TV function obtains more good position. These burgeoning and ultrathin TV basically include FED TV, OLED TV and SXRD TV.

   Be not momentary recovery of consciousness just before death, ultrathin CRT market is broad

  ● ultrathin CRT still needs thin body to decrease heavy

Science and technology of dozenth institute of company of group of Chinese electron science and technology appoint director Liao Fu border think, if “ is ultrathin CRT can be again a bit thinner, valence potential energy slides in low end, believe to will take a future life to survive the crisis to flat TV. ”

Additional, the cost advantage of CRT TV is flat TV hard of compare. Recently, the analysis that the CLSA of Korea invests a bank to be made to flat TV market points out, although 2007 - 8 acting lines are started between 2008, the CRT(general electrify that TV of 32 inches of liquid crystal still wants to compare coequal size is inspected) average price tower above one times, if ultrathin CRT continues to hold cost dominant position, the market will throw oneself into his arms to overmatch.
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