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AOC is tasted newly release introduce LCD technology to counterattack in a large
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On November 30, 2005, guan Jie of AOC of firm of the biggest video is in the whole world Beijing is held what with “iU eyeshot core the revolutionary ” of pure smooth indication technology gives priority to a problem is new taste a news briefing, announce formally to roll out technology of brand-new “iU” of chip of intelligent odd frequency (Intelligent Uni-frequency) , and the spot showed the whole world ” tastes video of first CRT of number of 17 inches of “ that uses IU chip newly ——793V and 795F.

Use daily pure smooth (the meeting when CRT) monitor has the appearance with font punch-drunk brim, namely the "2D that big the daily life of a family says shows effect " not beautiful. Tell from the technology, changeover of CRT monitor signal can reduce video quality apparently not only and can increase hardware loss. To solve power consumption of traditional pure peaceful existence big, geometry is lack fidelity, adjust complex, fraction defective advanced difficult problem, science and technology of AOC coronal nimble (share code: 903) regards professional monitor as manufacturer, come for years dedicated at showing a field, devote oneself to to display technical research and development and innovation. First the new generation of will own research and development is revolutionary indication technology: IChip of U intelligence odd frequency, apply in pure smooth indication product, this chip principle is: Magnify beforehand in traditional video the conformity in reaching OSD chip LCD Scaler IC, the imitate of the input much frequency signal is changed into fixed digital level frequency, avoided the complex process that at present monitor handles signal.

AOC is tasted newly release

Analytic personage thinks, the comes out to mean pure smooth CRT to show the technology is revolutionary not only breakthrough of this one technology, give the times CRT that suffers LCD to elbow out market infuse powerful vitality, the Long after also indicating one pace crosses a traditional CRT monitor to be oriented “ in order to digitlize a technology at the same time is in charge of times ” .

From the grand occasion of spot of IU news briefing, can understand industry to be opposite the attention degree of this one new technology: Not only capital mainstream media gathers the spot, include whole world of coronal nimble science and technology to make general manager general manager of division of China of coronal nimble science and technology Mr Liao Renzong and Mr Duan Zhenhua inside many company high level also visits an assembly room intercurrent watch speaks. The production position that Liao Zong reported whole world of coronal nimble science and technology to industry above all and whole world are produced can, for Guan Jie at the same time the global target 2006 did science and technology to be looked into further. Paragraph always special point out, of IU technology roll out and application is afterwards AOC Guan Jie announced formally to buy monitor of whole world of flying benefit riverside to make in September 2005 business of research and development and before this year 3 quarters sell outstanding achievement to jump Ju Sanjia in Chinese market, realize grandiose “ ahead of schedule 3 paces take ” strategy, the birth of IU, can turn CRT industry not only to a brand-new times, also be prospective AOC Guan Jie to realize “ satisfactorily at the same time the strategic aim that 3 paces take ” provided more powerful technology backup force.
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