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Actor or actress the clique alters pure smooth gene, brand-new " true colour " s
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Although LCD monitor just performed before long afore,fall madly storm, but with shipment the capacity looks, 17 inches of CRT still held absolutely mainstream. After all 1000 yuan of price around are accepted more easily by the user. And mix as diamond Long special of Li Long product exit the market, it is price instead market of cheap the canal that be not Long is more active. Here, the delegate brand SamSung of CRT of the canal that be not Long, LG all rolled out him in succession etc new technology. We get an information now, the product E72fSB/SG that actors or actress the clique uses technology of ” of gene of “ true colour also will appear on the market, make undoubtedly added new window of product of the canal that be not Long again.

Above all, the CRT product itself that actor sees send set of ” of true colour of these two “ in light of us. These two actor send E72fSB of 17 inches of pure smooth monitor and E72fSG two type, it is silver-colored black double color respectively (E72fSB) , silver grey double color (E72fSG) . With actor or actress the airframe design with clique CRT sedate product differs before, the drip model with E72f rear airframe is designed, show a kind completely additional kind feeling.

Because two products are the exterior only,differ somewhat, accordingly they are in official website is nominal parameter all agrees:

Face plate dimension: 17 inches
Can inspect area: 310x230
The dot is apart from: 0.25(H: 0.21, v: 0.13)mm
Horizontal frequency: 30-72KHz
Perpendicular frequency: 50-160Hz
Bandwidth: 110MHz
Optimal resolution: 1024×768 @85
Highest resolution: 1280×1066 @66

Serve as of course taste newly, the technology of ” of gene of “ true colour that its make what the person pays close attention to most is actor clique can be a picture to be brought character after all why to plant promotion. Actor sends technology of ” of gene of “ true colour to be comprised by 3 much in all, namely technology of pure smooth technology, UltraBrite Technology Gao Liang mixes PerfectFlat SuperClear is video processing loop technology. The flatness that this 3 old techniques part to send CRT video to actor, brightness and contrast (keen degree) make optimize and improve, spend subtly in what video definition, picture pledges, the essence of focusing spends the performance with wait for a respect to obtain better definitely.

Actor or actress the quoted price that sends these two products all is 1099 yuan at present, be in market of 17 inches of CRT is at present medium, this price perfectly. As the user for, small make up oneself to hope to be able to see more new technologies, especially CRT respect. After all the price with current LCD returns general on the high side, 17 inches of CRT still can have a longer lifecycle, pay close attention to to actorring or actress the friend that sends this product to be interested mights as well.
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