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1500 yuan! 21 inches of HP are pure smooth CRT panicky put on sale!
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For the user of CRT of big to the hobby screen, yesterday is an unforgettable day absolutely. Be in, HP with the as sudden as lightning fast give 21 inches of HP that rolled out 20 thousand 4800 yen in Japanese Tokyo pure smooth monitor, amount to RMB is controlled 1500 yuan!

21 inches of pure smooth monitor use 1500 yuan HP FD odd gun kinescope of 3 bundles of color, can you look a scale for 19.8? . Proposal resolution is 1600x1200 @ 85Hz, the biggest lead respectively for 1800x1440 @ 80Hz, dimension size is 502x512x512 Mm, weight is 30.9 Kg, guarantee 3 years.

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